Rede Cristã de Educação

Since 2010, the Rede Cristã (RC) Educational Network has afforded schools the possibility of offering their students an education of excellence based on Christian values. RC believes that an institution’s educational proposal should reflect its identity and, as such, it offers innovative and fundamental products and services as well as provides quality content to its partners, with the differential of a Christian education.  

Within the Rede Cristã proposal lies the teaching material, the Christian Teacher Guidebook and the Christian Formation Book. In addition, all materials are analyzed by the Pastoral Council, which has a consulting and advisory profile and is formed by evangelical leaders from different denominations.   The material combines information, dialogue, Christian values and concern with the comprehensive development of students, educating them on many life aspects. From Preschool to High School, it offers products and services focused on teachers, educational leaders and students, with an innovative proposal of complete educational solutions.


Christian Education Book that challenge students to develop a critical view of life and to understand their roles as agents of change in the society in which they live.

Christian Teacher Guidebook, which contains orientations from the Christian perspective and approach to the contents of each teaching materials.


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