Publishers Saraiva and Atual

Founded in 1917 and renowned for its pioneering spirit in the Brazilian market, the history of the Editora Saraiva started with the publication of legal textbooks, until it began publishing works in other fields of knowledge and literary titles in the 1990s.  

Since then, Editora Saraiva prioritizes the creation of educational materials so that young people are increasingly aware of the proactive role they can play in changes of society. Its materials bring the content closer to the contemporary reality, seeking to develop vital skills and competencies for adult life.   

Currently, the labels brought by the Saraiva Publisher to SOMOS Educação include the Atual Publisher. This publisher’s catalog has teaching materials from Preschool to High School, which include specific exercises, activities that integrate various disciplines, diverse recommendations of multimedia content and technological resources to make the learning process more interactive and contemporary. Atual’s portfolio encompasses both literary works that serve all ages and educational titles for children and youth that stand out for their innovative profile





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