The Teacher Training Program – PROFS is an online course platform with and without tutoring that promotes the dissemination of content with new approaches and reflections, while also offering practical material to help expand the teaching repertoire. PROFS understands that educators are fundamental agents of educational transformation, which is why it strives to ensure that they have access to a safe and high-quality space to share experiences and lessons. The platform offers continuous improvement e-learning programs,a virtual space for the teaching and learning processes and for open dialogue with teachers.  

An essential advantage of PROFS is to guarantee teachers access to an online continuous improvement programs in a space that differs from the usual e-learning model based on the passive transmission of knowledge. The programs, which are developed in partnership with renowned experts in each field, have a constructivist, educational approach that intersects technology and education, as well as a comprehensive support bibliography. The content is distributed in different medias and formats, such as the distance-learning platform, papers, podcasts and e-books.  

The success of the project, created in 2016, is the result of its focus on creating high quality content to improve education and to further the development of educators and the practice of teaching.  


Blog with content complementing the programs that is always up-to-date and related to teacher development.

Monthly podcast with topics that are relevant to educators and that open space for new discussions and different viewpoints.

Social media with up-to-date content and weekly publications.


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