Plataforma Digital De Aprendizagem

The Plataforma Digital de Aprendizagem (PDA), or Digital Learning Platform in direct translation, is an innovative tool of SOMOS Educação that is ideal for remote teaching. The platform provides access to various digital educational resources integrated with Google For Education. More than a portal of educational knowledge, PDA is a virtual learning environment that is ideal for digital classes. 

With the tool, education becomes more productive and collaborative. The functionalities include monitoring the progress of students’ activities, the possibility of giving feedback on the work produced, and simplified flows in which the teacher can recommend activities that are constructive and personalized. 

Educators receive all the support they need to understand how they can keep track of the students’ development in order to maintain the institution’s academic quality. Teachers and school administrators have access to a teacher’s manual and a database of questions, as well as digital classes, videos, texts, audio, animations, presentations, activities, games, encyclopedia and digitalized collections, among other options also available for students and families. 

The tools of the PDA platform help teachers and students to organize their classes, tasks and activities, while increasing collaboration and improving communication. At SOMOS Educação, the Platform is available to students, teachers and leaders of schools that adopt the Rede Pitágoras or the Rede Cristã Educational Networks. 

Different environments for each segment 

The Plataforma Digital de Aprendizagem uses Google technology in its material, which offers many benefits for its use. Tools such as Google Classroom, Agenda, Docs, Forms, Drive and others are integrated into the learning environment. The benefits of these functionalities are available not only to students and teachers, but also to the administrators and leaders at each institution. 

Because it was developed to meet all the needs of K-12 education, considering the specificities of each step, content on the PDA is divided into Preschool, Elementary and High School. As such, the content is organized to support the teaching and learning process on an integrated basis for the institution’s Educational Project.  

Advantages of the Plataforma Digital de Aprendizagem 

  • Google tools integrated with the PDA; 
  • Questions database with over 90,000 questions; 
  • Guides and workbooks for teachers on how to use the platform; 
  • Online application of activities and exercises; 
  • Easy remote access to the platform; 
  • “Learning paths” with resources and activities based on the textbooks; 
  • Proximity of family members, since parents and guardians can closely accompany their child’s development through the platform; 
  • Content with a variety of resources, such as animations, games, video classes, audio classes, podcasts, simulations, texts, images and more; 
  • Possibility of conducting research within the platform with quality content; 
  • Conducting online simulations on the platform; 
  • Calendar with important events and activities shared by the institution’s educators and leaders with parents and family members; 
  • Contact with the authors of the textbooks offered to the teachers.


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