The Pitágoras Educational Network develops teachers, educational leaders and students from Preschool to High School. The first steps of the Pitágoras networks were taken in the 1960s in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. In the following years, the first elementary schools were opened, and the network expanded to the secondary cities of Minas Gerais and to other states.  

The network’s history always has been marked by the concern with teaching quality. In the 1990s, Fundação Pitágoras and the Integrated Management System were launched, a technology that supports and aligns the efforts of students, families, teachers and educational leaders, with a focus on optimizing learning. In 2007, the network became part of the Kroton group.  

Offering complete and integrated educational solutions, the Pitágoras Network seeks to inspire partner schools to attain the best academic results. Working as part of a network enables the partner institution to receive a detailed report on students’ learning with the Pitágoras Network Educational Assessment Program – PAERP, which has existed since 2003.   The Pitágoras Collection has a proprietary methodology and uses technologies to enhance the educational processes. With over 50 years of tradition and a track record permeated with major achievements, the Pitágoras System is present in around 600 schools, benefitting over 370,000 students.


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