Integrating different educational solutions focused on student development, the pH Educational Platform combines physical and digital content and invests in classroom practices to improve and optimize the  learning process. 

With the best results in the Brazilian SATs in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the pH Schoolwas founded 33 years ago. Today, the students of the pH Educational Platform are ranked first in many admissions exams, with its results attesting to the quality of pH’s commitment to education.  

With teaching materials prepared by the teachers themselves, all practices are accessible and designed for the reality of the classroom. Moreover, the pH Learning System does not just seek to develop competent students, but also complete citizens who are conscious of the reality of their country and the world. This is achieved by the use of materials that depict more than just the reality of Brazil’s Southeast, including the different methods and contexts of people across the country. 

With a philosophy based on quality and dynamism and the first to adopt a Technological Platform, the pH Learning System draws on partners such as the SOMOS Educação Training Program (PROFS), that provides continuous teacher development, Plurall and teaching consultants to ensure the optimal development of students and educational practices.  


High school that for over 30 years has been a reference and leader in results in a highly competitive market.

Preparing students for life and its challenges.

Excellence in education from Preschool to Preparatory Courses, with results for an entire life (integral education).

15 units with over 7,000 students.


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results in the Brazilian SATs in Rio de Janeiro