The Educational Platform par is for schools that use textbooks from the publishers Ática, Scipione, Saraiva and Atual and that want to complement their teaching process. The platform consists of a set of solutions for institutions that want to improve educational quality and student performance.   

The program combines the use of the textbooks with technology through the implementation of support solutions and the assistance of educational consulting. The consultant supports all the efforts made during the partnership, helping the school to reach its goals and achieve increasingly better results. For this, par developed the Teaching Management Cycle (CGE), a methodology that implements continuous improvement processes based on the educational goals of each institution.  

The solutions offered develop aspects such as continuous teacher development, social and emotional education for students, bilingual lessons and other topics. These complementary solutions help schools to put into practice each step of the CGE and are implemented with the support of educational consulting.  

par adapts its solution to the reality and the context of each educational proposal to help the school achieve its goals. Present in more than 700 schools in 24 states, par helps schools to take full advantage of their teaching materials.  The solution enables institutions to constantly improve their teaching quality.  

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