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Mind Makers is an educational publisher that develops innovative contents for K-12 students, about subjects such as Computational Thinking and Creative Entrepreneurship, that can be incorporated into the school’s curriculum. With an active methodology and dynamic classes, children and teenagers learn in practice and develop skills that are essential to cope with contemporary and future challenges. All the Mind Makers content is aligned with the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC), the Brazilian Common Core, and develops the document’s general skills in a creative way.


The Computational Thinking concept became more relevant in the latest years and now it is required as a mandatory content in over 50 countries. But, after all, what does this subject involve?

The Computational Thinking presents fundamentals of Computer Science to develop skills related to problem solving. In the program, students apply digital technologies such as programming, robotics, digital electronics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and maker education to solve interdisciplinary problems. All this in an incredible space especially prepared to the subject! The classes are based in projects and use gamification techniques to engage students and develop competences that are essential to professionals in the present and in the future.

The content evolves according to learning tracks that go from early childhood education to elementary school.


To endeavor is more than create a company, it is to develop a set of skills and attitudes that can and should be instigated since the early childhood. But how can they be developed in the classroom?

The Creative Entrepreneurship is a practical school subject that helps students from the last year of elementary school and from high school to become protagonists of a future that is increasingly unpredictable. Creativity is stimulated in every class, bringing an up-to-date repertoire and digital culture approaches that allow students to imagine and design paths for the future.

With learning methodologies aligned with the BNCC, students learn to endeavor creating real projects to solve different problems observed in the school, the society and the world, impacting their surroundings in a positive way.


A good content doesn’t work out without the right planning, people and tools. Therefore, Mind Makers offers all support needed in the implementation of the contents, guaranteeing a successful future for students and schools. The proposal includes:

Own methodology and teaching materials.

Use of innovative resources.

Methodology transfer.

Complete lesson plan.

Exclusive digital platform.

Online management of activities and classes.

Automatic e-mailing to parents after each class.

Registration of student activities (portfolio).

Marketing support during the enrollment campaign period.

Support in the classroom preparation.

Constant content update.

Continuous monitoring and support.




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