Maxi is a Learning System that promotes consistent, practical and high-quality teaching that favors the formation of values. Maxi focuses on valuing human interactions and strives to improve the perspective of teachers, enabling them to act as a source of motivation and inspiration in the lives of their students.  

Maxi also seeks to create a generation of citizens with a holistic education who are rational and emotionally prepared and able to understand the world’s multiplicity, given the balance in their behavioral and cognitive skills. Through a personal relationship focused on transparency, the Learning System transforms the lives of educational professionals, teachers and students.  

Maxi’s teaching materials are constantly updated and are aligned with BNCC (from the portuguese acronym for National Common Curricular Base, the Brazilian Common Core). For over 30 years Maxi has been innovating to offer an educational proposal based on Affective Education. This innovative and unique approach complements the educational material with the following fields that help to modernize the discussion on the importance of Affective Education: social and emotional skills and contributions from neuroscience studies and educational streams, updated based on the latest studies.   


Affective Education that values the emotional, cognitive and social dimensions.

Literacy by the Phonic Method.

Easy-to-apply methodology: theory, systematization and synthesis.


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