Matific is an online Mathematics platform serving students from Preschool (4-year-old children) to the 6th grade of Elementary School. With playful and interactive activities, the platform encourages self-discovery and allows students to get involved in concrete situations, leading them to analyze the issue by developing strategic thinking and a growing and sophisticated capacity for logical thinking.  

Learning with Matific means hands-on learning. With just 15 minutes per week it is possible to sharply improve student’s performance in Math. With real-time performance reports, the platform gives institutions the opportunity to monitor the development of its students. In addition, all content is aligned with the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC), the Brazilian Common Core.  

The platform is intuitive and easy to use, and is also available for use at the institution or at home, always with real world stories and problems that are worth solving. It challenges and engages students in classrooms with variable and diverse lessons. With digital and interactive environments, the platform presents a series of challenging problems selected based on the skills of each student.  

Matific supports any educational approach or student learning style. The institution decides what is best for the classroom, with the possibility of creating customized lesson plans, monitoring the progress of students or selecting automated academic programs aligned with the standard for independent learning. There are more than 1,500 games and fun activities and over 600 lesson plans.   

Matific won the SIIA CODiE Awards 2019 and Academics’ Choice Awards 2019, two very important education awards. Its creation was based on the dynamic of gathering experts in education, technology and gamification in a single space. Offering immersion via a platform of engaging learning, Matific covers the Math curriculum and helps students master the subject in a fun and provocative way.  


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