Livro Fácil

Livro Fácil (literally, easy book) was created in 1991 with the mission to become an important partner of schools by offering a one-stop-shop for everything on family’s back-to-school list. The solution combines convenience and efficiency in a single service to facilitate the sale of educational materials.  

The platform is a partner to over 400 schools nationwide. The service is the most practical and safest way for families to purchase back-to-school materials, freeing the school from any liability related to selling educational materials at its facilities while helping to generate income for the institution. 


Generates revenue from commissions on sales from the lists.

Eliminates the risk of non-payment.

Eliminates worries about inventory management and contact with various publishers.

Provides an e-commerce website dedicated exclusively to each school, with access restricted to its community.

Enables combining sales from different publishers and brands.

Ensures purchase of the correct version of the adopted material.

Allows the institution’s website to easily direct people to the e-commerce channel via a link.

Invoices issued directly on behalf of the consumer, relieving the school from this function.


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students acquired their school materials through Livro Fácil in 2019.


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