Learning Book

In the context of increasingly complex and rapid transformations, education cannot sit still: the Digital School must be incorporated into teaching processes and in the school routine. In this light, SOMOS Educação has launched a simple and complete solution: the Learning Book

Seeking to drive digital transformation in schools, Learning Book seeks to connect students and teachers through a fully digital platform of learning content. The solution is based on the impact of the educational platform Plurall, which has become the largest tool used by schools in Brazil during the remote-learning regime. This led SOMOS Educação to seek new partners for launching Learning Book, formed by four essential elements that are connected by a single ID:

100% digital Learning Content + Plurall Platform  + Chromebook as a service + Development journey for digital evolution

Learning Content

Available for the Anglo and pH Learning Systems and for the par educational platform, through Learning Book students and teachers gain access to the digital and interactive learning materials adopted by the school, as well as to content and exercises personalized by the teacher, tasks, mock and diagnostic tests, videos, animations, Google For Education collaborative tools, performance reports and learning monitoring.

A new, more interactive educational experience, with more educational tools that only digital content combined with effective content can offer.

Plurall Platform

The digital platform used in the Learning Book solutions is Plurall, the leader in number of accesses in all of Brazil’s private K-12 education. A rapid, simple and intuitive platform that is extremely powerful in connecting various educational tools.

Lenovo Chromebook as a Service

Designed for students and teachers and safe to use in the classroom or at home.

The device incorporates greater stability in the solution. The goal is for all the material to be on Chromebook, enabling an experience that is as close as possible to that of a print book. 

The Chromebook is a notebook developed by Google with an operational system designed for use in education:

  • It is lighter and more durable;
  • It is more accessible;
  • It performs automatic updates;
  • It starts up in less than 10 seconds and the battery lasts an entire day.

Learning Book also integrates various services for schools, such as warranty and protection against accidental damage, equipment reserved for immediate replacement during maintenance, a battery with a three-year warranty, integrated remote management, parent control resources, as well as delivery logistics that ensures students, parents, guardians and administrators never have additional worries. 

Development Journey for Digital Evolution

To ensure a successful digital transformation process, the entire school community must be engaged: administrators, teachers, students and families!

As such, Learning Book includes a digital training path for teachers, digital literacy for students, lectures for families and, for the educational administration team, meetings with specialists to discuss best practices and strategies for digital schools.

Learning Book is an innovative, simple and complete solution that connects students and schools through a platform with 100% digital educational content on a dedicated and secure device, supporting the teachers with monitoring of individual learning processes.

Exclusive Certification for SOMOS Schools

Schools that adopt the Learning Book solution can obtain the SOMOS Digital School certification and stamp, which are recognized by Google For Education, as long as they fulfill requirements in the following categories:

  • Adoption of Chromebook;
  • Use of Plurall;
  • Teacher engagement in Plurall;
  • Use of Google Workspace.

The stamp recognizes schools for their commitment and engagement in an innovative digital learning experience.

*For details on the requirements, consult your educational assistant.

** The certification is valid for 12 months, after which the school is reassessed.