Since 2004, the Ético Learning System is present in schools across Brazil. Providing a transformative education, Ético adopts an active methodology in which students play proactive roles in their learning process. The materials used by the system feature superior editorial quality, with a range of educational solutions that benefit students, families, teachers and educational leaders.  

Partner schools have access to a full educational platform, with different types of educational channels and services. The teaching proposal prioritizes the learning and development of skills and competencies. It also offers a robust and efficient education to prepare students for life while providing a solid ethical foundation.  

Institutions are able to analyze their improvement gaps based on data comparisons with the results of the Ético. In addition, the product’s quality ensures higher revenue for institutions due to its high impact and excellent cost-benefit tradeoff. Today, it has 600,000 professionals connected to the network and it is present in more than 500 schools.  


Teaching proposal that prioritizes the learning of content and the development of skills and competencies.

Provides students with experiences to give them a solid ethical foundation.

Involves students in active learning experiences.

Improves the school’s learning results and provides data of comparisons of results with the Ético school network.

Complete educational platform for schools, teachers and students with multiple channels integrated with teaching materials and services.

Helps the school to improve communication for student recruiting and retention.

Expands the school’s revenue by offering a high-impact product with an excellent cost-benefit tradeoff.


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