English Stars

Being bilingual affords us new opportunities, while also being essential for connecting with a constantly evolving world. English Stars’ mission is to bring an effective bilingual education to as many children as possible, developing the skills they need to be prepared for the future. 

The program, which extends from Preschool to the final years of Elementary School, proposes a bilingual education that explores the CLIL approach. Moreover, English Stars’ proposal can be rolled out in accordance with the actual situation and particular characteristics of each school. 

The Stars methodology provides a high-quality English language education to students and fosters the development of the 21st century competences outlined by the Brazilian Common Core, BNCC (from the portuguese acronym for National Common Curricular Base). The four language skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading) are comprehensively developed and all classes are taught entirely in English, enabling greater immersion in the language. 

Student, family and faculty in the center of the learning process: learn about the benefits of English Stars

- • Program orientation via an exclusive workshop;
- Children prepared to face the challenges of the future;
- • Teaching of values and innovative methodologies.

- Education for 21st century needs;
- Classes in a contextualized and natural format;
- Encouragement to learn new languages and subjects.

- Teaching assistance;
- Professional development and training ;
- Experiencing a new language in the classroom.

- Support for implementing the program in the classroom;
- Bilingual program that adds value to your brand;
- Training for teachers and marketing support.




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