Coletivo Leitor

The Coletivo Leitor (Collective Reader in literal translation) is a SOMOS Educação initiative for stimulating reading, seeking to disseminate the importance of reading in the cognitive development of children and youth. Aggregating articles and free content on topics related to the universe of literature, the Collective Reader embraces topics from helping children to become readers to the importance of reading.  

The platform is a space for publishing texts written by authors, illustrators, editors, librarians and educators about the universe of reading. The catalog has over 1,600 titles of children’s and young adult literature from over 500 renowned Brazilian and international authors, as well as various literary genres. The books also are rich in complementary material to fictional texts (services, paratexts, student supplements and teacher’s manuals), which are valuable tools for reading mediation. 

With titles from the publishers Ática, Scipione, Saraiva, Atual, Caramelo and Formato, the website was designed to make it easier for schools to search for literary works suited to their needs. The library, which has works known for covering all dimensions of the individual and for stimulating the imagination, includes acclaimed collections such as:  Reencontro, Jabuti, Vaga-Lume and Para Gostar de Ler

With filters such as school segment, school year and reader profile, the Collective Reader’s mission is to support schools and teachers on the path to making literature an enjoyable, transforming and emotional experience for students and teachers.  


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