The seed of what would become the Anglo System was sown by the Portuguese educator Professor Guerreiro, still in the 19th century, at the Anglo-Latin Gymnasium. The school he established existed until the 1950’s. The Chemistry teacher Simão Faiguenboim, alongside Abram Bloch and Emílio Gabriades, decided to launch his own project, the Anglo-Latin program, which years later would become simply Anglo. In the 1970’s, with the opening of the second school, Anglo São José in São José dos Campos, the project became a Learning System – the world’s first. In 2010, the System was merged into Abril Educação which, in 2015, became part of SOMOS.  

Anglo’s school management, which ranges from Preschool to Preparatory Courses,is supported by a highly trained and specialized team. In addition, it uses the Learning Improvement Cycle, a method that incorporates content planning, class development, learning assessment and actions by teaching advisors to improve results.  Students are encouraged to be independent and to play a proactive role in their education.  

The constant search for educational innovations and resources that meet schools’ new demands has led Anglo to integrate the teaching materials and services provided to partners via a comprehensive technological platform that enhances the classroom practices and educational performance of schools. The Anglo Educational Solution is an evolution in our Learning System that unites: 

The tradition and efficiency of the “Class Given, Class Studied” methodology.

The effective inclusion of innovative technological resources in student development.

The use of detailed information to diagnose specific educational demands.

Continued and structured teaching support for the joint development of action plans to improve the school’s performance.

With Anglo Educational Solution, partners gain access to the best materials, services and digital platforms for continually enhancing student learning. Established and recognized for its high approval numbers, the Anglo System values tradition, pioneering spirit, innovation and high performance results.


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