SOMOS Educação is one of Brazil’s leading primary and secondary education groups

We offer a vast portfolio of educational solutions, such as learning systems, publishers, complementary learning solutions, as well as a technological platform for digital learning and e-commerce, that allows us to offer our services as a complete partner to institutions. 

Our decades of experience and commitment to offering high-quality and efficient learning solutions have enabled us to establish leading brands in our portfolio, which are renowned both locally and nationally. 

The responsibility for developing this set of educational solutions belongs to a team of restless professionals who share the commitment to developing generations of increasingly better prepared Brazilians. 


Our mission is to transform the ecosystem of private schools by uniting high-quality education and administration with neuroscience and technology on a large scale, while guiding schools in their digital transformation process.    

And to ensure that we offer educational solutions that are efficient and contribute to students’ development, we adopt the use of science in learning.  In other words, advances and improvements in the learning process are based on scientific evidence and verification. We already are working in different scientific fields, especially neuroscience, with various research initiatives, including renowned partners such as BrainCo, Forebrain and CpE. 




We aspire to be the first partnership option and the complete partner of educational and management solutions to primary and secondary education schools in our target market. Our purpose is based on the fact that all solutions and services offered through our multi-brand, high-tech platform were developed to help each participant in the school ecosystem – the students, parents, managers and administrators of private schools – to attain their educational goals. 

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SOMOS Educação combines different solutions to help schools develop students who are ready to deal with the challenges of today’s world. We want to work alongside the institution, while considering its particularities, to build a high-quality learning experience.

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