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SOMOS Manifest

We believe that the role of education is not only to prepare students for life, but also to prepare them to change the world.

SOMOS Educação is the brand that moves Brazilian education in many aspects: we have schools, learning systems, publishing, as well as products and services for management and complementary education for students, teachers and parents.

We develop children, teenagers and adults for the 21st century, from generations Y, Z and others to come, for collaboration, nonlinear thinking, on-line relationships, and the future that is yet to be predictable.
Our job is to transform the everyday life of these students into something challenging, that inspires them to think big, teaching them to think on their own and to work better as a group.

SOMOS Educação has a restless team of professionals who share the commitment of making the next Brazilian generations better and better. People that write their own history, face every challenge and grab all the possibilities around them.

WE ARE what we create around us.

Our name

Names are supposed to translate the personality of a brand. SOMOS, that in English means “we are”, came from that. It translates our personality in a clear way because it was born from the essence of the new brand.

SOMOS suggests a connection between what is in evidence these days: the collaborative world. It’s more “we” and less “I”. It works by itself, as a corporative brand, and as a credential for the business of the group. It brings together many brands and strategies. “We are what we create around us”, this is the essence of the new brand.