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Our Mission

We believe in the transformative power of education and recognize school as the space for cultivating knowledge and building strategies for a more independent life. We believe, above all, in our students’ great potential for development.

We understand that the exchange of best practices awakens the educational and academic capacity of each school, while at the same time preserving their individual autonomy. We ensure that our faculty is continuously improving and we seek to contribute to the growing number of schools in Brazil building transformative and participative educational projects.

Our commitment is to educate young people so they can be protagonists of innovation who are critically engaged with present needs. In addition to pursuing academic excellence based on a culture of high expectations, we are open to diversity and we seek democratic dialogue in order to develop autonomy and an ethical conscience.

Knowledge is transformative. Knowledge is liberating. And our schools endeavor to foster the best conditions so that our students can be intellectually free, independent and conscious of themselves and of the world around them.