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Sigma School

For more than three decades, Colégio Sigma has been a leader in educating children and teenagers in Brasília.

A traditional school in Brasília, Colégio Sigma has been a benchmark, for more than three decades, in educating ethical children and teenagers who are committed to their professional futures.

Though a consistent pedagogical approach, state-of-the-art facilities and highly-qualified teachers, the school prepares its students to conquer their dreams. Currently, it serves thousands of students, from early childhood education through high school, at five campuses in the capital of Brazil.

Throughout its history dedicated to quality education, Colégio Sigma has fulfilled its commitment to offer a transformative education to children and young people, able to prepare students not only to obtain the best results in tests, but also to face life and its challenges. The school’s pedagogical approach spans four pillars of knowledge: education, technology, tradition and success.

Colégio Sigma is a member of the SOMOS Educação portfolio of schools and courses.