Saraiva Publishing

In order for young people to become increasingly aware of their role as protagonists of changes in society, publishers Saraiva and Atual have created materials that bring the contents of contemporary reality closer together, favoring the development of skills and competences that are indispensable for adult life.

With a portfolio of works ranging from Early Childhood Education to High School, in addition to a large number of specific exercises and activities that integrate various disciplines, the books open to digital technological resources, especially designed for students, and bring numerous indications of Sources of multimedia content that make the learning process more interactive and up-to-date.

The materials offer the teacher ample possibilities and ways to prepare the student for the tests of the Enem and one of the most important vestibular of the country, transforming projects and proposals into solutions for a quality education.

Other highlights are the Caramelo and Formato stamps, composed of children’s books with a focus on reading stimulation, aimed at all age groups of Basic Education, with varied works, diverse themes and approaches. Together with the Ática and Scipione Publishers, Saraiva Publishing is part of SOMOS Educação‘s publishing portfolio.