pH Learning System

Synonymous with commitment to a well-rounded education for its students, pH has an impressive record of achievements in Rio de Janeiro.

pH is one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the state of Rio de Janeiro, serving thousands of students from early childhood education to university entrance exam prep.

With its educational excellence, the school seeks to cultivate professionals and citizens who are conscious of their role in society. Thus, it became a benchmark for those who seek not only knowledge, but also the development of social, moral, ethical and environmental values. At pH, the student is stimulated to question, create and reason, solidifying his or her personality and decision-making abilities.

pH’s philosophy is based on quality, dynamism, and, primarily, a commitment to the well-rounded education of its students. Over the years, the institution has helped its graduates attain the highest admissions rates at the best universities in Brazil, thus writing its record of achievements.

pH has been part of the SOMOS Educação portfolio of schools and courses since 2011.