ECSA – Escola Chave do Saber

ECSA – Escola Chave do Saber – boasts a noble mission that is a source of pride: to educate citizens who are transformative and mindful of their realities, instilled with strong values and principles, who are able to positively impact our society. We believe that more than preparing students for life, the school’s role should be to prepare them to change the world.

At ECSA, students receive individualized attention, from the moment they are welcomed at the front gate to their teachers’ classrooms, in the office or with their advisors. Our priority is to know each student personally, know their parents and understand their individual needs. The classes allow students to develop interdisciplinary skills, such as in physical education, where students engage in musical psychomotor activities, which help develop the rhythm and motor coordination needed to play many instruments. Learning English is not applied mechanically, but rather initiated through play to enable learning a second language starting in childhood.

Education is constructed from an array of factors. Curricular content is a fundamental component, but as part of our daily learning process we also seek to instill values and ways of relating with society, which can be learned from everyone within the school, not only teachers. Because, through our interactions, we can learn to share, resolve conflicts, have empathy and, especially, understand that humans are social beings and need others to thrive.