Colégio Integrado

Colégio Integrado Jaó unit, founded in 1998, unites state-of-the-art facilities, modeled on schools in the U.K. and New Zealand, with a relaxed and positive environment for a strong learning experience, which throughout the years has been tested and proven through the results of its middle school and high school students. The school developed an original methodology – the Nintai (perseverance) Method – which naturally instills the student with discipline, focus and resilience. In tune with state-of-the-art technology and good practices, Integrado continuously invests in educational innovation and training of its faculty. It is among the best schools in the country in external evaluations, whether the knowledge Olympiads in mathematics, astrophysics and chemistry, or the ENEM university exam rankings.

Aiming expanding its differentiated education, for the 2018 school year, the school inaugurates a second unit, located in Marista sector. The Colégio Integrado Marista unit offers an innovative education for students of Elementary School and High School.