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SOMOS – We are talent

SOMOS has a restless team of professionals who share the commitment of making the next Brazilian generations better and better. People that write their own history, face every challenge and grab all the possibilities around them.

We are the largest basic education company in Brazil, serving millions of students in schools all around the country. And this dream is just beginning! We need heads, arms and hearts that are motivated to transform education. We need people that make it happen!

If you want to make the difference to education in Brazil and cause an impact on our society, we invite you to join our team and help us with your energy, passion and commitment to change the world through education.

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We are talent – A SOMOS Program


We are talent – A SOMOS Program is the entrance gate for freshmen or for people who just finished college to the largest basic education company in Brazil and one of the largest educational group in the world.

Profile: we are searching for talents that bring innovation in the way of thinking, collaboration in the way of acting, that are brave to recreate themselves and anxious to make it happen. If you are like this, we want to know you: