Ática Publishing


50-year-old company, Ática Publishing has reasons only to celebrate! Ática Publishing, that in 2015 celebrates half century of history, has been responsible for a great number of innovations in the editorial area of educational products. During its trajectory, Ática was responsible for developing books and collections containing pedagogical orientation, such as Estudo Dirigido de Portuguêsone of the country’s best-seller in didactic books, and Manual do Professora format that has become universal in the organization of educational books, among other initiatives. Besides that, the brand is recognized by collections such as Vaga-LumePara Gostar de Lerand Bom Livrowhich have been part of the life of many generations of readers. For three consecutive years, Ática Publishing has won the Top Educação award and it is recognized all over the country for the excellence of its authors and editorial teams, which have already won many Jabuti awards, among others.

With Scipione publishingÁtica is part of SOMOS Educação’s publishing portfolio.